Product Roadmap

Aug 2018
  • Payments on Matic testnet core
  • ERC20 Support including Wrapped Ether - Matic Testnet core
  • Contracts on Kovan testnet core
  • Dagger - Zapier Integration dapps
Sep 2018
  • Plasma Fast exits - NFT token core
Oct 2018
  • API & SDK release v0.5 dapps
  • Matic Mobile App (Plasma chain & WalletConnect integration) - Alpha release dapps
  • Developer docs - Testnet dapps
Nov 2018
  • API & SDK release v0.6 - Testnet dapps
Dec 2018
  • Matic Mobile App (Plasma chain & WalletConnect integration) - improvements to alpha dapps
Jan 2019
  • ERC721 support - Matic Testnet core
  • Matic Mobile App (Plasma chain & WalletConnect integration) - beta release dapps
  • Developer docs - Tutorials dapps
  • PoS implementation for staker nodes - Testnet core
Feb 2019
  • Block explorer - alpha release dapps
  • Alpha Mainnet - Matic Network - version 1 core

    This will be a version of Matic Network working with Ethereum mainnet. We will be using a Dummy Matic Token and few Dummy Dapp tokens to be utilized within the Matic Network. All other valuable assets would be disallowed to be deposited on Matic Network in this phase. This will be used to launch Developer Bounty programs in a real time environment. It will also help us to accurately estimate the cost of running Validator nodes and any other uncertainties that may come with the deployment on Ethereum Mainnet.

    This will not be a public release.

    We will be using it to get a formal audit from the code auditors as well as some select developers in our ecosystem to thoroughly test out and carry out bug bounties

  • First DApps on Matic Network dapps
  • ERC721/NFT Marketplace support protocol
Mar 2019
  • Verifier/Watcher node - Alpha release dapps
  • NFT exit token - 0x integration - Kovan testnet core
  • API & SDK release v0.7 dapps
Apr 2019
  • Dagger support for Matic chain dapps
  • Upgradable smart contracts core
  • Security audits and improvements core
May 2019
  • NFT exit token - Dharma integration - Kovan testnet core
  • DEX support on Mobile App dapps
  • Verifier/Watcher - Fraud proofs challenges - beta core
  • API & SDK release v1.0 dapps
  • Wrapped Bitcoin support - Matic interop
Jun 2019
  • Mainnet Beta - Matic Network core
Jul 2019
  • 0x protocol implementation on the Matic testnet protocol
  • Plasma Fast exit services (integratable with any third-party Plasma implementation) core
Aug 2019
  • NFT exit token - 0x integration - Ethereum mainnet core
Sep 2019
  • Liquidity pool integration protocol
  • Matic Network - Mainnet Final Go-Live interop
  • Matic sidechain App Store dapps
  • Bitcoin Blockchain asset interoperability - testnet interop
Oct 2019
  • Governance research and pilot implementation protocol
Nov 2019
  • Dharma protocol implementation on Matic testnet protocol
Dec 2019
  • NFT exit token - Dharma integration - Ethereum mainnet core
  • Enterprise support for Matic sidechains dapps
  • Enterprise services dapps
Mar 2020
  • Generalized Fraud Proofs - Testnet Alpha core

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