DApps on Matic

Pocket Full of Quarters


Pocketful of Quarters is the universal cryptocurrency for games! The Quarters team will be using Matic Network to ensure instant and low-fee transactions to games that use the Quarters token.



Plentix is a decentralized platform aiming to transform the referral economy. The Plentix team will be using Matic Network to ensure prompt referral payouts on their platform.



BitWords is working on an crypto-focused advertisment exchange for publishers and advertisers. Advertisers will pay fees to publishers via BitWords, and all transactions will occur on Matic Network.

BankIT Wallet App


BankIT is looking to store fiat transactions happening on their banking network on the blockchain, to provide proof of the immutabality of transactions. Matic Network was chosen because of our awesome scalability features.

Platform Partners



Analyse Ether is a browser-based platform to perform real-time data-analysis of Ethereum. The platform abstracts several operations, giving the users simple interface to perform cheap real-time queries to get useful insights on decentralized exchanges, tokens, prediction markets and any smart contract on Matic.

Want to build with Matic?

If you are building DApp and want to scale it, let us know. We want to help your DApp scale using the best infrastructure and with the best UI/UX for your users.