Ethereum in realtime

Dagger is the best way to get realtime updates from Ethereum Blockchain.

Check out our examples . You can find offical Javascript library here, which works on both, browser and node.
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John just added Will as an owner to your Main Multisig Wallet.
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What is Dagger?

Dagger provides a way for your DApps and Backend system to get ethereum blockchain events, like transactions, receipts and logs in realtime over websocket or socket.

We maintain infrastructure for realiable and scalable realtime events.

Avoid the risk and complexity, and dedicate your energy to what really matters: building great DApps.

This sample is from official dagger client library. You can find it here.
Getting started with Dagger is easy. Here is sample code to get latest blocks from Ethereum as they are mined.

Third party integrations

You can connect to third party services through Zapier webhook or IFTTT platform. You can setup slack messages for multisig wallet transactions to increase transparency across the team.

You'll set it up and it'll fit perfectly with your various workflows.

We have open-sourced examples to check what you can do with Dagger.

Make UX better for your DApps

You can use Dagger to listen transaction logs in realtime and update UI accordingly.

UX is important part of any product and by reflecting each user action on UI makes your DApps better and better.

Latest events can be useful for this type of usecase.

Dagger’s push mechanism is faster, effective and robust compare to polling mechanism.

Make better products

Dagger helps you to engage with users when they are offline.

Listen user specific events and send notifications, emails to make apps user friendly. Use cloud functions to process dagger events.

Confirmed events will be handy in this case.

Notify user in case of any suspicious activity to help them react instantly.

Dagger Features

Fast and robust

Dagger uses push mechanism instead of polling whenever new block get mined.

Works pretty well on low bandwidth.

Multiple rooms

There are two rooms you could listen events from: latest and confirmed.

Both are implemented considering major usecases in mind.

Standard protocol

Dagger is built on standard protocol "MQTT".

You can develope your own customized client easily as MQTT is standard protocol.

Developer friendly

Very few lines of code is required to get any event stream from Ethereum Blockchain.

This sample is from official dagger client library. You can find it here.
  • Block
  • Transactions
  • Contract receipt
  • Contract logs
  • Contract logs (using web3)

Multiple Rooms

Latest events

With latest room, you can listen to latest Ethereum events. You will receive each event with removed flag which will be true in case of chain re-organization.

Confirmed events

In confirmed room, events will be fired after 12 confirmations. You can use these events to do irreversible tasks like sending notification or email.

Explore Dagger

Start building your integration and make your DApps better in minutes. Currently, official dagger client is only available in Javascript. You can use standard MQTT libraries for other languages.